Do you remember when I said, rather resolutely, that I’d never queue for food? Slightly under 2 years ago, I said that “I would rather order from an ordinary, queue-less stall than from a famous one with a snaking line requiring half an hour’s wait.” I’m both proud and ashamed to admit that I broke this […]

We always like to imagine that love can conquer everything. But it can’t. I’m grateful for articles like this and this that have illuminated the pain of having to end it with someone you love. I’m hoping that none of you will ever have to go through it, as I did, but I know that it’s not always something […]

“Let’s go to Malacca!” “I’m never sick of the place!” “The food is so good!!” I’d heard all these from my family members over the past one year. They had all visited this nearby Malaysian city for a quick weekend getaway and returned, time and time again, never tiring of the same place. The last […]

This is a personal reflection. Melancholy is a big part of me and not a side of me others often see. This is how I feel about it, how I cope with it, but not necessarily how melancholics feel about and cope with their melancholy. I am a melancholic person and I used to indulge excessively in […]

Scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I’ve come across a few posts about Singaporean husband being “snatched” by foreign women and destroying Singaporean families. The posts (as you can already tell) are usually both xenophobic and sexist, but I’ve chosen to focus on the sexism in this post because it struck me more deeply and […]

(This post is not so much advice I’m dishing out as it is an outpouring of several years of introspection. I am not an expert and I don’t claim to be right, so do not take my word on this. I’m merely offering my two cents’ worth.) “You can’t love another until you can love […]

1. I hate working with raw meat. The sliminess. The smell. All the irritating bits of fat that took me forever to cut off. I washed my hands with lemon juice and a second time with rice-soaked water. Just thinking of the smell makes me want to retch. This is why most of the things I […]